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The Fundamental Attribution Error

Sometime back I wrote an post called Accepting Your Wife in Marriage . There was a critical step mentioned in that post - You " accept" a person warts and all. This is difficult. In the next few posts I will discuss why this is so hard. Our brain has many quirks. The more I read about these quirks, the more fascinated I became about these quirks. Many of them make it difficult to "accept" anybody. So let us discuss something fundamental -  Behavior is driven by 1. Genes 2. The Hormonal balances in the womb. (The Indian practice of protecting women who are expecting a baby from stresses, negative experiences are scientifically valid ). This portion of behavior I call innate . 3. Your experiences during critical phases of your brain development. You "learn" what right behavior is. (This is something I discussed at length in  Accepting Your Wife in Marriage .)  This portion of your behavior I call ingrained . 4. Social expectati