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Honour Bound

When you make a promise what is your attitude towards keeping the promise? I have experienced / read about three attitudes. I will not keep the promise if it inconveniences me - with no sense of dishonour and glibly tell the promisee "sorry". I call this the "Life owes me a living" attitude I will try my level best (till wet with sweat) and feel dishonoured if I don't live up to my promise. However I have the option of going up to the promisee and if the promisee releases me I can give up honourably. I call this the "Warrior" attitude. (I am a Sun Tzu fan) I will try till my blood runs dry and feel dishonored to even discuss my inability with the promisee . I call this the "Suicidal" attitude. "Life owes me a living" is quite common. "Warrior" is currently my sense of honour. When younger I was at "Life owes me a living" and I have paid a heavy price for that. Many people are not aware of the d